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1240Re: Hammock Camping Thread?

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  • karens62@aol.com
    May 1, 2003
      In a message dated 5/1/2003 10:18:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, geoflyfisher@... writes:

      > I have had nothing remotely close to a failure in a strap.> I do use a zigzag stitch, 2mm wide, 1mm long. I sew across the strap (double thickness) then back up all the way across the strap, then come forward again.

      Interesting enough, it wasn't the sewing technique, but the thread itself. Because of my inherent laziness, I originally sewed it using different threads for the top thread and the bobbin - different colors actually. When I examined the stitching after it broke, it was VERY obvious that it was the very cheap, old polyester thread that had out and out broke. It had massive failure - this wasn't lines of stitching that broke one at a time, this was sudden and complete. I went right back in and re-sewed it with the Gutterman thread, have spent probably 50 hours in it so far and it's fine. There really is no reason that any polyester thread won't work, but more a comment that you often get what you pay for. For an extra $1.00, if you can get the good stuff, do it.

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