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1231Re: tree-saver webbing straps......

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  • Dave Womble
    May 1, 2003
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rick" <geoflyfisher@y...>
      > Christina,
      > I bought some 1 inch poly webbing at the local Dayton WalMart
      > yesterday. Look in the fabric department near the ribbons and
      > stuff. It seems to have been strong enough for hammock straps,
      > would make it ok for tree huggers too. Cost is $.79 per yard.
      > Rick


      Be careful how you determine if the webbing is strong enough. If you
      use it once and it didn't break, that doesn't necessarily imply that
      it is strong enough to use 100 times, all that means is it didn't
      break the last time you used it. I think the best way is to pay
      attention to manufacturer's specifications, or barring that, go with
      something that is obviously an over-kill for the application or
      stress it once by several orders of magnitude greater than your
      application in a way that a failure will not result in an injury (and
      then, maybe not use that particular piece of material again).

      I know that Ed Speer has had both good and bad experience with
      different webbing and has recommendations in his book about what
      tensile strengths he recommends. As a hammock user I would suggest a
      little caution in recommending weight bearing material for use in a

      Sorry to act like a wet blanket, I really appreciate your enthusiasm
      and willingness to share your ideas, but being an older guy with an
      analytical background, I felt like I needed to put that out there.

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