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1228Re: Hammock Camping thanks Ed, we'll be dangling in Belize next week

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  • Rick
    Apr 30, 2003
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      Shane's advice is excellent.

      I have occasionally drifted off into a several hour stay in my hot
      tub, which I usually keep at about 95 degrees. After any prolonged
      stay in the tub, just a couple degrees below body temperature, I
      start to get cold. This is because there is effective conduction of
      heat from my body to the hot tub water.

      In the hammock, you can have effective transfer of heat through a
      single layer of nylon directly against the skin and through the skin
      if it is not protected by insulation of clothing.

      If the air temperature is above body temperature, you will have to do
      some evaporative cooling to allow your body to adjust to the
      environmental stress. The evaporative cooling can be sweat or
      Shane's mister.

      Let us know how you do!


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Shane Steinkamp" <shane@t...>
      > > I will be sleeping and perhaps poaching in my own perspiration in
      > > my Hennessy in Belize next week. I will learn of its comfort or
      > > non comfort level in very substantial heat and humidity
      > Well, as someone who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, I can give
      you some
      > tips... I often see temperatures in the high 90s with humid in the
      high 70s
      > and greater at times. I've also slept in the Belizean Jungle...
      > Tip #1: Sleep nude.
      > Tip #2: Pitch the 'wings' of the rain fly high to improve
      ventilation. If
      > no rain is expected, remove the fly.
      > Tip #3: An empty misting bottle hung from your pack can be filled
      with cool
      > water and hung from the ridge cord. A few squirts on your nude
      body, the
      > netting, and the hammock bed itself, will create some evaporative
      > that can be very refreshing.
      > If you follow tips 1 and 2, you probably won't need 3... I predict
      that you
      > will be VERY comfortable - and far more comfortable than anybody
      who might
      > be sleeping on the ground near you.
      > Shane
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