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1225RE: Hammock Camping thanks Ed, we'll be dangling in Belize next week

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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Apr 30, 2003
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      > I will be sleeping and perhaps poaching in my own perspiration in
      > my Hennessy in Belize next week. I will learn of its comfort or
      > non comfort level in very substantial heat and humidity

      Well, as someone who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, I can give you some
      tips... I often see temperatures in the high 90s with humid in the high 70s
      and greater at times. I've also slept in the Belizean Jungle...

      Tip #1: Sleep nude.

      Tip #2: Pitch the 'wings' of the rain fly high to improve ventilation. If
      no rain is expected, remove the fly.

      Tip #3: An empty misting bottle hung from your pack can be filled with cool
      water and hung from the ridge cord. A few squirts on your nude body, the
      netting, and the hammock bed itself, will create some evaporative cooling
      that can be very refreshing.

      If you follow tips 1 and 2, you probably won't need 3... I predict that you
      will be VERY comfortable - and far more comfortable than anybody who might
      be sleeping on the ground near you.

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