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12248Re: [Hammock Camping] Lightweight Hammock question

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  • tim garner
    Jan 4, 2006
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      michael... i made a hammock out of the same material i used for the shell on the winter hammock i used on mitchel (green). it`s not rip-stop, but i think it was about 1.5 oz. it seems to work fine. i`ve used it several nights in my room. i`ll just be carefull not to raise up on my elbows & stuff like that. :~) if i remember right, it only weighs about 7oz. ...tim

      "Michael B. Carter" <carterm@...> wrote: Question for the group:

      I have some nice olive green ripstop nylon that I found in the WalMart $1 bin.
      It weighs to about 1.44 oz per square yard. I weigh ~195 pounds. Is this
      nylon strong enough for a lightweight hammock for me plus my bag, pad,
      etc., using a single layer of fabric?

      Opinions requested...

      I spent a lot of time searching through all of the local WalMarts (quite a
      few) in the Raleigh area over my Christmas time off. I found lot's of
      1.9oz. ripstop (mostly olive) and enough 1.1 oz. silnylon (mostly gray some
      olive) for about 3 tarps, or other gear. The silnylon was hard to find in
      long enough pieces, but an associate in one store told me that they get a
      lot of it in. I wonder who's buying it all up...besides me that is :o)


      PS - To all those that are going, have a great time at Springer. I'm sorry
      that I won't be able to make it.

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      tim garner

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