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12226Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock made for 2

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  • Dylan Anderson
    Jan 3, 2006
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      This whole issue is certainly a problem for many. I
      am one who can say that the HH Safari does work for my
      wife and I. True it is a bit difficult to get in
      (tip, she and I get in together, otherwise there is a
      lot of tension on the slit), but there does seem to be
      enough room for us (she is 5'3, I am about 5'11). We
      are most likely an exception however, in that we often
      sleep holding one another all night, and don't
      normally get up in the evening for the restroom. Also
      I should mention we sleep on our sides in a spooning
      arrangement. It has worked for us fine, though I also
      must add that she does not camp with me all that

      If you two can sleep without moving, and if you can be
      comfortable in each other's arms all night, then the
      Safari is probably as good as solution as it will get.
      If on the other hand you cannot honestly say you
      sleep like we do, do the Risk thing and hang two in
      close proximity. Hope this helps anyway, and feel
      free to ask any other questions if you are thinking of
      trying it.

      Though I may die tomorrow, at least I can do it with the knowledge that once I did know true love -unknown

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