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12211Re: DAM Dilemma - Exped or Warmlite?

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  • togetherinparis
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Warmlite is mummy-shaped, with greater loft than the Exped 9 Delux, wider where it
      counts, and 17 ounces lighter. It's a no-brainer. With the Warmlight down air mattress
      you can be really comfortable on a shelter floor, if necessary, and warm, to boot.
      Stephenson's has been making down air mats for decades & have the kinks out, for the
      most part. (You still have to seam-seal the pump-sack.) For instance, they know what
      causes ultra-slow leaks & what needs to be done. Their products are great.
      However, the Stephensons warmlite website, www.warmlite.com, is the Soup Nazi: naked,
      stupid, and slow. Public frontal nudity is family tradition at Stephenson's. I am perfectly
      serious. His own mother glows buck buck on the front page! And if the convoluted &
      breathless "explanations" of an ultra-stupid yankee suit you, it's a hoot. Orders are with
      writen paper check only, delivered by snail mail only, and you must telephone repeatedly
      to get that far, all followed by suspense for a SEASON before delivery. Wait, it gets worse!
      There is no retail, anywhere, so you're stuck in the Twilight Zone permanently if you buy
      from them.
      Meanwhile, their products are great, inspired, even. One pictures a village of the naked
      hippy damned living as nomads in excellent tents: sex and sewing, sewing and sex, sex
      and sewing, sewing & sex...
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