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12200re: hammock ridgeline stresses

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  • Greg Welker
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Dave, I'm familiar with the Hennessey - it's one of the ones I
      own. You said:

      >but my guess is worse case would be 3 times as much, but I would
      >certainly plan on at least twice as much.

      Remember the guy who did the cutting of the hennessy ridgeline and
      inserted the carabiner? If you did that, you could easily insert
      something like a fish weight hanging scale and determine the strain
      in the ridgeline. Testing the strain in the ridgeline I can't see
      that it holds a significant portion of the force vector that is on
      the hanging ropes, especially not to the point that you need to
      consider that load in your hanging rope calculations.
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