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12199Re: DAM Dilemma - Exped or Warmlite?

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  • dlfrost_1
    Jan 1, 2006
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jonas4321" <jonas4321@j...>
      > Does anyone have experience with the Exped and/or the Warmlite? They
      > are roughly comparable in price, though the dimensions on the
      > are difficult to decipher, as they appear to be "casket"-shaped (is
      > that true?).
      > I hear they are both a bit clumsy to inflate, but would like some
      > feedback on that. I'd also like to know what the outer material
      > is like.
      > In either case, I believe I will be getting the 26" wide model.

      You should do a search of this group at the Yahoo Groups site--this
      was a topic of discussion some weeks back, along with the SPE.

      I suggest getting the regular Downmat 7 and using Ed Speer's
      Segmented Pad Extender with it. (The SPE "wings" provide the
      shoulder protection, allowing use of regular-width pads. The 8x
      version is for winter use.) It will weigh less, be less bulky to
      pack, and is more flexible to set up for different tempratures. The
      gray pads Ed sells are better for hammocking than the ones sold in
      the stores.
      (The topmost photo shows an end-on view with a Downmat 7 inserted.)

      Doug Frost
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