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12191Re: DAM Dilemma - Exped or Warmlite?

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  • jwj32542
    Jan 1, 2006
      Happy New Year!

      I have the Exped Downmat 7. The outer fabric is very comfortable
      and wicks away condensation pretty well, in my experience.

      The Downmat 7 is 19" wide, and it's _almost_ enough to use that
      without any other side insulation because it makes me sit up so
      high. Very nice...but not quite enough. I don't know which would
      be better - that one with the SPE or getting the 26" wide
      version...I think it would depend on how the 26" wide one fits in
      your hammock. Just something to consider.

      I'm pretty impressed with the insulation. Depending on wind, I
      think it _may_ be enough bottom insulation to get to zero without
      any CCF pads. For the weight and bulk, you might consider making a
      TravelPod instead of carrying an additional pad. IMO, it'll be more
      useful at those temps than another pad. Of course, then you won't
      have a sit pad to carry around camp.

      It isn't really difficult to inflate after a few times practicing.
      I had a hard time locking the inflation valve in cold weather,
      though...had to twist really hard before it popped into position,
      which was very frustrating until I figured out what was happening.

      BUT mine seems to have a deflation problem, and I've heard this from
      a few others. It's usually good enough for the hammock, but when I
      used it on the ground on the Winnemucca trip it deflated enough over
      about 5-6 hours that I could feel the coolness from the snow coming
      through to my hip. If I bent my body just a little bit my hip would
      touch the snow underneath.

      I haven't used the Warmlite so I can't compare, but I like the
      Downmat and I think it's great for cold temps. The inflation thing
      isn't a big deal unless you lose the inflation bag in the field, but
      the deflation problem is something I'd like to figure out.

      Hope this helps!

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