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12190Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock made for 2

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  • Rick
    Jan 1 7:15 AM
      I find it very difficult to sleep with someone else in the hammock. It
      seems like we are being smashed together quite firmly all the time. It
      is fun for a few minutes and even for a nap, but gets old after an hour
      or two.


      Andrew Hooker wrote:
      > G'day all.
      > Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
      > Secondly, I am looking for some advice regarding the use of hammocks
      > for camping, in particular one will comfortably hold the wife and me
      > (160kg's total - 352lbs).
      > I am told by Hennessy that their Safari Deluxe will do the job and was
      > wondering what you may think about that particular model?
      > The reason I am interested in it is because we have ridden around
      > Australia and stealth camped in a tent along the way but often found
      > it hard to get a good site and, are now planning a cycle tour from
      > Purdhoe Bay Alaska down into and across Canada and then around the USA
      > and figure that a hammock will be better than a tent (in most cases)
      > where there are trees available.
      >>From what I can figure out, the biggest drawback of two in a hammock
      > is movement, which is mainly the rolling over and getting in and out
      > for nature breaks during the night, both of which will disturb the
      > other person.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Andrew.
      > http://www.where2pedalto.gr8m8s.net
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