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12188Hammock made for 2

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  • Andrew Hooker
    Jan 1, 2006
      G'day all.
      Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
      Secondly, I am looking for some advice regarding the use of hammocks
      for camping, in particular one will comfortably hold the wife and me
      (160kg's total - 352lbs).

      I am told by Hennessy that their Safari Deluxe will do the job and was
      wondering what you may think about that particular model?

      The reason I am interested in it is because we have ridden around
      Australia and stealth camped in a tent along the way but often found
      it hard to get a good site and, are now planning a cycle tour from
      Purdhoe Bay Alaska down into and across Canada and then around the USA
      and figure that a hammock will be better than a tent (in most cases)
      where there are trees available.

      From what I can figure out, the biggest drawback of two in a hammock
      is movement, which is mainly the rolling over and getting in and out
      for nature breaks during the night, both of which will disturb the
      other person.

      Thanks in advance.
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