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1218Re: New! Flyfisher's 4 Quarter Hammock (long)

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  • Rick
    Apr 30 1:25 PM
      Ray wrote: In your design, will it
      > stay open enough on warm nights to let some air circulate (for
      > cooling)?

      No, if it is warm, take the pad out and the two layers come together
      with almost no insulation value. It is like sleeping on a hammock
      without a pad at that stage. For most warm weather, I might prefer
      to keep some bottom insulation and just sleep without the cover...
      but if it is really hot and I am sitting there sweating, it is easy
      enough to take out the pad, and then start cooling off like I am
      laying on a water bed with the heater turned off.
      > > What are you adding a bug net to? A Speer like hammock?
      > >
      > Yes, the things I did differently was to use rope instead of
      > and changed the way the rope connects to the hammock body. Check
      > photo folder (here in hammockcamping) to see a picture of the knot
      > used. I am probably going to use this hammock instead of the HH.

      I like the knot. It has the advantage of being a little easier to
      untie. (Ed's knot is not as impossible as he makes it out to be, but
      it does take 5-10 minutes of working with it to untie after I have
      had weight on it for a night.)

      What I would suggest is as described in my hammock...

      Do you have questions about the directions? I know pics will help,
      but they may not be available before you need to sew. In essence,
      you want the long edge of the bug net to be sort of hammock
      shaped... an arc of a much larger circle. Make it by taking your
      bug net and marking along the short edges 1 foot from one of the long
      edges. Mark the center of the long edge of the bug net right on the
      edge. Then start marking extra points between these three defining
      points so the end result is a nice smooth curve that contains all 3

      Untie the ends of your hammock, sew the curved long edge of the bug
      net along the entire edge of your material. It will be a little too
      long, because that edge is longer than the straight edge you started
      with. Cut off the unneeded bugnet from the end even with the hammock
      material. Now form your knots again, just allowing almost all of the
      bug net short edge to escape from the knot.

      Now you can throw the bug net across the opening of the hammock or
      throw it back so it is out of the way.

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