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1217Re: New! Flyfisher's 4 Quarter Hammock (long)

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  • Ray Garlington
    Apr 30, 2003
      > The cool thing about the insulation holder with a double bottom,
      > connected on all of one side and about half of the other side, is
      > that the weight of the sleeper in the hammock keeps the opening
      > between the two shells tight and closed... much like the center
      > closure of the HH.

      Sounds like a good system for people who don't like messing with
      rigging. When I connected the GI shell to the Speer, I kept the
      drawstring so the slack can be eliminated. In your design, will it
      stay open enough on warm nights to let some air circulate (for

      > What are you adding a bug net to? A Speer like hammock?
      Yes, the things I did differently was to use rope instead of webbing
      and changed the way the rope connects to the hammock body. Check my
      photo folder (here in hammockcamping) to see a picture of the knot I
      used. I am probably going to use this hammock instead of the HH.
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