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12137Re: quilt w/ head hole; was phots posted- mt mitchel

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  • jack_tier
    Dec 24, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "tim garner" <slowhike@y...>
      > another quick note. the idea of having my head through a hole in
      > quilt came one cold night as i thought about the "jacks are
      > quilt (i think it`s the "no sniveler"). there`s has a slit in the
      > center so you can use it as a warm poncho. cool idea! so i`m just
      > building on a basic idea from someone else. mabey jack & jack
      > see fit to use the addition some day. ...tim

      The JRB No Sniveller Quilt, designed in response to a Spring 2004
      survey on WhiteBlaze, is proving very popular, almost out pacing the
      JRB Nest in the last couple of months... BPL's review probably
      helped some...

      The No Sniveller head hole is resealable and is created within a 2
      inch high baffle so as to eliminate any thin spot.

      There are now fully integratable JRB Sleeves and JRB Hood for use
      with the No Sniveller or the Nest...They can also be used separately
      or with any vest...check them out.

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