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12111Re: Dave, hows the knee

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  • Dave Womble
    Dec 21, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Coy" <starnescr@y...> wrote:
      > I am headed to the chiropracter in a little bit with mine. I poped it
      > funny last Sunday week (10 days ago) and it has been tender (even
      > painful at times) ever sence. Went this Monday to the bone cracker
      > doc and it is much better now but still not ready for a good hike.
      > hoping to be ready by the New Years or shortly after. Was hoping you
      > might be well enought to hike by then.
      > Coy Boy

      It's a good news, bad news situation. I've done a couple of easy hikes
      along creeks and such without mountains in the last couple of days, a 4
      miler and a 7 miler. The knee did fine but the 7 miler wore me out.
      I'm thinking of going to the AT and doing a day hike around and over
      Blood Mountain or backpacking up to the GA/NC border and leaving a Xmas
      card for Squeaky... but I'm worried if I can make it right now.
      Probably get on some exercise machines today and try to get a better
      assessment of how weak my leg muscles are. The last backpacking trips
      when I struggled with my knee was tough going, even with my legs
      holding up well. It would be a bitch to get a few miles out in the
      mountains and find out both my knee and my muscles aren't up to the
      task. Us guys in particular always trade off trying to see just what
      we can do against using good sense and realizing what our limitations
      are. When we're younger we favor the 'see just what we can do' but
      when we get older we favor the 'realize what our limitations are'
      aspect... but heck, I earned my trailname the honorable way.

      Hope your knee doesn't have any serious problem, have you popped it

      aka Youngblood
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