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1210RE: Hammock Camping New! Flyfisher's 4 Quarter Hammock (long)

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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 30, 2003
      Pretty impressive Rick!  I'm slammed this am, but should have time to comment more later today....Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping New! Flyfisher's 4 Quarter Hammock (long)


      - more comfortable way to use pad as insulation
      - readily available material
      - no ridge cord
      - inexpensive


      10 yards of 1" poly webbing 
      6 2/3 yards 48" polyester cloth  (soft to the touch, ?? doubleknit)
      (about 1.5 oz/yard)
      3 1/3 yards of 48" polyester chiffon (wedding veil material)


      - Lay the chiffon out and scribe/cut one edge so that it is a foot
      less wide at the ends than in the middle of the long edge.  Make the
      cut a curve, a segment of a large circle, like the side of a kayak
      seen from above.
      - Cut the polyester hammock material into two pieces 3 1/3 yards long
      - Cut the poly webbing into two equal lengths (15 feet)
      - singe the long edge cut of the chiffon and the ends of all pieces 
      (a propane torch is the easy way to do this)
      - make a sandwich with chiffon between two layers of polyester and
      sew a long edge of the two polyester layers and the cut edge of the
      chifon with a half inch seam allowance.
      - At the end of the seam, there will be extra chiffon left over
      (about 3-4 inches).  Cut a strip from the end of the chiffon that
      width and then re-singe the edge.
      - turn the outside layers of the sandwitch back and stitch 2.5 feet
      of each end of the long edge of those two layers, forming a pocket of
      hammock material with a layer of chiffon coming out of the opposite
      edge of the "hammock to be"
      - make a Speer type overhand knot in both layers of the hammock
      material, at each end.  Incorporate no more of the chiffon in the
      knot than is necessary along the one edge. 
      - sew 4 button holes an inch from the free edge of the chiffon.  This
      edge of the chiffon is still serged, like it came from the store. 
      Make the holes big enough to fit a quarter through the hole
      - Sew a 1.5 inch hem with the button holes centered on one side of
      the hem.  Put a quarter through each button hole and sew across the
      hem on each side of the quarter to make a small pocket, holding the
      quarter.  (The quarters are weights for the bug net made of chiffon,
      they can be replaced with small smooth stones, but remember not to
      put the stones into a telephone to call home.)
      - wrap the last 6 inches of a poly web around the hammock material
      near the overhand knot.  Switch to a zig-zag stitch, 2mm wide and 1mm
      in length and tripple sew across both thickneses of the strap about a
      half inch from the hammock material.  Repeat the zig zag stitch 2
      inches further out. 

      You are left with a hammock with a double bottom layer and a bug net
      which hangs closed without velcro.  Your Target blue pad will fit
      very nicely into the pocket of hammock material and you can add other
      flat clothing if you like.  The hammock is hung with Ed Speer's 4
      wrap knot and if tensioned with about 5 pounds of force pulls the
      chord of the circle segment which is the cut edge of the chiffon so
      the bug net is tight over the hammock. 

      My cost for the prototype:

      Webbing        10 yards at 0.79 (ouch!)  $7.90
      hammock material 6.6 yards at 1.97       13.00
      chiffon         3.3 yards at 2.97         9.80
      500 yards of polyester thread              .50
      Total                                   $31.20

      Total time to build:  about an hour

      I slept in the prototype (minus the quarters) last night with my
      quilt.  It was comfortable and warm with the outside air temperature
      about 50.  It sure was nice not needing to worry with the pad all the
      time.  I usually turn over 5-8 times in a night and it was much
      easier to do so without any trouble.   When I got up in the middle of
      the night to pee, it sure was handy not to have to open the velcro
      and then work to close it again. 

      Let me express my indebtness to Ed Speer in this design.  He wrote
      the book that got me sewing hammocks.  This design retains his poly
      webbing support straps, and his overhand knot.  New features include
      a double bottom (partly in debt to Ray Garlington and partly to the
      Crazy Creek hammock); a self closing bug net for which I got the
      germinal idea when looking at a Crazy Creek hammock; a weight closing
      system, modified to quarters from the water bottle system that
      Chad "the one" was using on the AT in Hot Springs, and a bug net
      suspension system of my own invention. 

      Now, go out and reproduce (hammocks)!

      Rick <><

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