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121Re: Cold weather sleep systems for hammocks

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  • o123david <o123david@yahoo.com>
    Jan 15, 2003
      Ed Speer wrote:
      >Several others have recommended the Big Agnes sleeping bag/pad combo
      >for use in a hammock. While I don't have any experience with the Big
      >Agnes, it looks and sounds very feasible to me.

      I have something similar from New Zealand, probably from before Big
      Agnes even existed. The Neve, made by Macpac <www.macpac.co.nz>.
      One night on the AT in New York State it was a warm evening as I took
      advantage of my hammock, a Hennessy original, and set up camp on a
      steep hillside not far from a major road. The next morning things
      seemed strange, both quiet and dark. The tarp over my hammock was
      covered with snow and it was still snowing. I was nice and
      comfortable in my Macpac Neve with a foam mattess underneath. The
      system worked beautifully.
      The Neve has changed over the years, there's a lighter Pinnacle, and
      I don't know how they compare with the Big Agnes bags. But the basic
      design seems to work very well in a hammock. --David
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