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1209Re: New! Flyfisher's 4 Quarter Hammock (long)

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  • Ray Garlington
    Apr 30, 2003
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      Your design sounds like a winner. Do you have any pictures ready yet?
      I'm getting ready to leave on my annual AT section hike this friday
      and have to sew up a bug net, so I'm mostly interested in what you did
      there. I'm retaining the separate shell for the bottom, since it is a
      tarp that might be useful separately, and it connects quickly once you
      get all the rigging ready. (I do have some concerns about the second
      shell (the insulation holder) catching wind as you previously
      reported. I might be able to rig some velcro to hold it so that it
      won't do that and have a weighted bug net to lay over it.

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