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1204Re: Hammock Camping Byer hammocks..........

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  • Steve McBride
    Apr 30 4:18 AM

      I picked up our Byer hammocks at EMS in Grand Rapids for around $18 each.
      Picked up some 1"tubular strapping there also. I know the Byer is also
      available through Campmor. I have the Traveler model which is made of nylon
      and weighs about 11 oz. They have a new model that has attached mosquito
      netting, but I've only seen a picture of that. I already have an 8' x 10'
      silnylon tarp, so that is what I'm bringing with me to try out this weekend.
      Unfortunately, the night temperatures are expected to be in the low 30's,
      and I understand hammocks' greatest weakness is cold weather. I'll bring my
      trusted bivy along in case I have to bail out.

      I haven't used a Mayan hammock, so I can't give a fair comparison. Byer
      advertises theirs as an Amazon hammock. By lying at a slight diagonal across
      it, I am fairly flat and quite comfortable.

      Steve M
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      From: "Christina Moon" <moonpi@...>

      > Sean and Steve, where did you buy your Byer hammocks and what sizes did
      > get? Are they as comfortable as a Mayan hammock? Seems like the principle
      > is the same but one is woven and one is solid cloth.