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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 29, 2003
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      Thanks for the update John. You already know that camping hammocks are a better way, now you're on your way! That AT awaits....Ed
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      Hi everyone,

      Found this group in a roundabout way through the BackPackingLight

      I started backpacking in 2000 when I attempted to thru-hike the AT
      with a 52 lb pack and a bad knee.  DIdn't work out too well.  Since
      then I have been trying to lighten my pack and find a more
      comfortable sleeping system.

      My first attempt at hammocks was a $19.95 "Army jungle hammock" that
      was made out of canvas, had a roof and bugnetting.  I set it up in
      the yard, tried to get into it and was immediately dispatched to the
      ground.  I had a really hard time getting out of it and if I had had
      a knife I would have cut my way out.  Needless to say, that hammock
      is in the pile of shame along with most of hte other heavy stuff I
      had purchased.  I tried several other "sleep on the ground" systems
      but wasn't happy with any of them.

      In 2001, I did some more research on the backpacking tarps on the
      market and was really limited to a choice between the HH or the Clark
      Jungle Hammock.  I have problems with claustrophobia and the HH
      didn't seem like a good fit for me given the entry and exit port.  I
      really needed something I could get into and out of QUICK!  I bought
      the Clark and proceeded up to the AT and hiked from Woody Gap to the
      shelter right before Blood Mtn.  I was the only one there so had my
      choice of trees.  That was the best night of sleep I ever had on the
      trail.  I spent a total of 15 hours in the hammock and woke up with
      no sore spots, no sore muscles and was ready to hike back to the car.

      I recently sold the Clark and have just ordered a kit from Ed.  I
      already have an 8 x 10 silnylon tarp and will be making the hammock
      for my upcoming trip from Stecoah Gap to Damascus starting May 26,
      2003.  Can't wait to get on the trail.

      Sorry for the long post,

      Papa John
      GA -> ME 2000 -> 2005?

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