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  • Steve McBride
    Apr 28, 2003
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      I'm a long time backpacker, converted to lightweight backpacker the past few years due to Jardine's book and the great advice on BPL. I have been a fan of bivy's with or without a tarp, but for our next trip this weekend, my wife and I want to give hammocking a try. We have two Bana Travel hammocks that we want to try out. We'll bring along tarps just in case the weather turns against us, but no need to worry about mosquito netting due to the time of year here in Michigan. Glancing briefly at this list, it looks like most people are using an integrated system like Hennessy or Spears. Does anyone have any last minute advice for a novice hammocker before we head out for the weekend? Shane had emailed me privately a couple months ago with great advice for webbing to suspend them--back yard testing shows that to work great. Anything else would be appreciated.
      Steve M
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