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1166RE: Hammock Camping Self stretching bug net

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  • David Chinell
    Apr 28, 2003

      I use a 9 x 9 ft or 9 x 12 ft rectangle of bridal tulle as a
      bug net with my simple hammocks.

      I drape the netting over a ridgeline, and use two binder
      clips to close it at each end. I just let the sides hang
      down of their own weight. They're usually between half and
      all the way to the ground.

      The weight of the material alone seems enough to keep it
      pressed against the side of the hammock. When it's windy
      enough to blow the netting out of position, it's also windy
      enough to disperse any bugs.

      Now the Speer hammock comes much farther up than my Tropical
      hammock. My bed is only 3 ft 6 in wide, and barely pops over
      my shoulders when I'm lying flat. So my net has to be a lot
      bigger, thus more material.

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