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11589Re: Preparing for Springer

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  • Paul Kaercher
    Dec 2, 2005
      "Coy" wrote:
      " I would leave the
      snakebite kit at home for the Springer trip."

      "J.D. Hoessle" wrote:
      But....! My Snake Bite Medicine REALLY - REALLY works....!
      Back packing since the '60's and haven't been bit yet....!

      J.D. you have solid proof (40 years and no failures)
      of efficacy regarding your snake bite medicine.

      Don't listen to Coy!!, Snakes love the cold weather.
      They're not called cold blooded for nothing.
      Be advised that the Springer Mt. area is known for its
      Albino Snow Snake population.
      So take your medicine, not the freeze dried stuff (no Alcohol)
      and keep sky dog on the alert.

      I'm sending you a pair of teflon tubes to put over your hammock
      ropes/straps. When snakes try and crawl down them they
      fall off. (the snakes not the tubes)

      Also I recommend attaching a space blanket (foil side out) under your
      hammock. This reduces your IR (infrared) signature and keeps the pit
      vipers from zeroing in on you. Hanging a chemical hand warmer
      under someone else's hammock will lure pit vipers to them and
      thus away from you.

      I hope this helps.

      Paul- who thinks most every day is April 1
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