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11575Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Electric Blankets and Clothing

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  • Moz
    Dec 1, 2005
      Ralph Oborn said:
      > AC is easier to transmit over distance. See the historical argument

      I'm sure you mean "was". HVDC is currently the preferred option for
      distance transmission, it's only at the local distribution level that
      AC is easier because transformers are so simple to mass produce.
      Countries like Brazil where there's a lot of hydro in the mountains
      but the people live some distance away have huge HVDC systems because
      they're more efficient.

      I wouldn't be holding up the US as an example of anything, frankly.
      I've studied their power system because it's one of the most complex
      and least efficient in engineering terms of any system in the world.
      They use HVDC links to partially isolate parts of the grid in an
      effort to prevent failure cascades.

      It also depends on what your priorities are - the US is anti-
      darwinist so a more survivable mains voltage is useful, but for the
      rest of the world higher efficiency wins out.

      Either way, I'd much rather have a low DC voltage in my electric

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