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11571wind proof fleece

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  • tim garner
    Dec 1, 2005
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      jeff... i have a differant opinion than some on fleece w/ wind
      block,etc (we may have discused this a while back? sorry if we did).
      in my thinking, if you have a layer of wind resistant material between
      two layers of fleece, the out side layer of fleece is doing little
      more than protecting the wind resistant layer from abrasion (wasted
      bulk & weight) & mabey adding a certain style. if on the other hand
      the fleece is wind resistant because it is a very dense material,
      mabey that`s a differant story. i have a nice looking jacket like
      that & it`s not that warm. i`d rather wear my puffy jacket or fleece
      w/ rain shell. but i`ll still wear it around town in mild
      weather. how about yall?
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