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1157Re: Speer answers

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  • Coy
    Apr 27, 2003
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      It is possible a synthetic bag would actually be slightly better in
      a hammock. Notice you can't compress a synthetic as much as a
      similar loft and size down bag. One reason Big Agnus has no
      insulation on the bottom. Another posability (not made to my
      knowledge) would be a 2-tone sleeping bag. Down on the top half,
      synthetic on the bottom.

      From your other post it is obivious your cold spots were where you
      sliped off the pad. I have had similar experiences. That is one
      reason my reflectic pad is 40 inches wide. I fold each wing to the
      middle and rool it up into a 20 inch wide bundle for the trail. It
      is bulky but not as heavy as most thermarest. I have a target blue
      foam pad 27 inches wide and it works good in my Crazy Crib but the
      CC dosent wrap around me as much as my HH so it works quite well.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jim & Marlis Greenway"
      <greenway@b...> wrote:
      > Ed: thanks for the answers on the models. I was uncertain if the
      > sizes/models simply represented scaled up/down Speers or if there
      might be
      > some significant structural changes among them.
      > As far as staying warm goes, I'm finding a lot of information on
      the list
      > and at your site and the others. I guess my question lie with
      whether it's
      > typical to feel that cool in a HH with only the equip I had, or if
      the main
      > reason I was so cool had to do with a worn-out bag. Thanks again -
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