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  • Moe T. Crow
    Dec 1, 2005
      When on the bike you don't always have AC. depending upon the trip you
      could be doing some form of stealth camping but just off a road
      instead of a trail. oh and space is a bigger consideration than
      weight. not to mention it would be a dual use of the heated gear.

      Personally I see this as a cool expansion of the list. true most of us
      backpack and use our hammocks for that. but i know i have one in my
      house, I have seen them in jeeps on here, and have heard of them being
      used while men and women (well haven't heard of a woman using one yet,
      but their might be!) put their lives on the line in service of my
      country. is it really that big of a stretch to see this really taking
      off? think of going into your bedding store in the warmer areas and
      seeing a huge cotton hammock as an option along with the spring, foam,
      and air beds....

      IMHO, YMMV, etc.

      On 12/1/05, joe_ulrich <joe_ulrich@...> wrote:
      > Why not just get a 12V converter/power supply. At todays technology,
      > this whole concept is not a backpacking option. Just plug in the
      > converter/power supply into the AC outlet and you have unlimited
      > power. No need to carry a heavy battery.
      > Peace,
      > Joe
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "togetherinparis"
      > <togetherinparis@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Vehicle batteries are not designed for deep draws. They're
      > designed to stay topped off by
      > > the car or motorcycle's alternator. Deep draw lead acid batteries
      > are available, but they're
      > > heavy and expensive. You might try a lightweight portable
      > windmill, though wind chill
      > > would likely negate any possible benefit, eh? Perhaps a portable
      > windmill on a balloon?
      > > But then you're a lightning rod, ouch! Remember how potatoes limes
      > can be used to
      > > generate current? What's out there that can be tapped at
      > campsites? Trees? It's just
      > > stupid enough to be true. I imagine there's a measurable potential
      > difference between
      > > leaves and roots, eh? Who's up for measuring?
      > >
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