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11559Re: Electric hammock, windmills, balloons, and trees ...

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  • joe_ulrich
    Dec 1, 2005
      Why not just get a 12V converter/power supply. At todays technology,
      this whole concept is not a backpacking option. Just plug in the
      converter/power supply into the AC outlet and you have unlimited
      power. No need to carry a heavy battery.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "togetherinparis"
      <togetherinparis@y...> wrote:
      > Vehicle batteries are not designed for deep draws. They're
      designed to stay topped off by
      > the car or motorcycle's alternator. Deep draw lead acid batteries
      are available, but they're
      > heavy and expensive. You might try a lightweight portable
      windmill, though wind chill
      > would likely negate any possible benefit, eh? Perhaps a portable
      windmill on a balloon?
      > But then you're a lightning rod, ouch! Remember how potatoes limes
      can be used to
      > generate current? What's out there that can be tapped at
      campsites? Trees? It's just
      > stupid enough to be true. I imagine there's a measurable potential
      difference between
      > leaves and roots, eh? Who's up for measuring?
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