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  • Michael B. Carter
    Dec 1, 2005
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      True, there are deep cycle batteries and there are cranking
      batteries. There are also dual purpose batteries. I'm not sure if a
      "cranking" battery used in a car will be discharged enough by a vest like
      mine for deep cycling to be a concern, unless the vest is used multiple
      nights w/o recharging the battery. I'm doing some tests to validate the
      discharge amount hopefully this weekend.
      I believe that the vest will only discharge a group 24 or 27 battery about
      10-12% during an 8 hour night.

      I use AGM sealed batteries in my bikes, and on my sailboat, which is where
      I originally got the idea for using the vest. AGM type batteries are
      designed to handle both cranking and deep cycle applications, and the
      manufacturers specify both cold cranking amps and amp-hours, so no problem
      there. These batteries can also be used in a car but they are definitely
      more expensive than a wet cell lead acid battery. A nice benefit of these
      batteries on both bikes and boats is that they don't spill acid if you tip
      them over.

      Wet cell deep cycle batteries are not that expensive compared to car
      cranking batteries (don't shop at the marine stores though). I think I
      paid $54 for one a few months ago (to put in a sailboat that I just
      sold). One option is to carry an extra battery (in a battery box) in the
      car, charged at home, just for "heating" the vest or whatever. Obviously
      this is for car camping, not hiking :o) An 80 amp hour battery should be
      good for almost a week of sleeping w/o recharge, assuming current draw as
      measured on my vest. There is also no worry about the car not starting
      when it's time to leave, and the battery can be placed near the hammock.

      Personally, I have no desire to use the electric vest for camping in the
      cold, but for touring/camping on the bike, it's an interesting idea for
      saving some storage space, and lightning the load, considering that I have
      it with me anyway.

      Along your potato lime idea, a "survivalist" that I know in the NC
      mountains has a small "stream powered" generator that can recharge a
      battery. I have no idea where it came from, but it's interesting idea...


      At 09:28 AM 12/1/05 +0000, you wrote:
      >Vehicle batteries are not designed for deep draws. They're designed to
      >stay topped off by
      >the car or motorcycle's alternator. Deep draw lead acid batteries are
      >available, but they're
      >heavy and expensive. You might try a lightweight portable windmill,
      >though wind chill
      >would likely negate any possible benefit, eh? Perhaps a portable windmill
      >on a balloon?
      >But then you're a lightning rod, ouch! Remember how potatoes limes can be
      >used to
      >generate current? What's out there that can be tapped at
      >campsites? Trees? It's just
      >stupid enough to be true. I imagine there's a measurable potential
      >difference between
      >leaves and roots, eh? Who's up for measuring?
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