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11553Re: Electric hammock, windmills, balloons, and trees ...

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  • togetherinparis
    Dec 1, 2005
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      Vehicle batteries are not designed for deep draws. They're designed to stay topped off by
      the car or motorcycle's alternator. Deep draw lead acid batteries are available, but they're
      heavy and expensive. You might try a lightweight portable windmill, though wind chill
      would likely negate any possible benefit, eh? Perhaps a portable windmill on a balloon?
      But then you're a lightning rod, ouch! Remember how potatoes limes can be used to
      generate current? What's out there that can be tapped at campsites? Trees? It's just
      stupid enough to be true. I imagine there's a measurable potential difference between
      leaves and roots, eh? Who's up for measuring?
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