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11545Re: [Hammock Camping] Top Quilt Pics

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Nov 30, 2005
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, tim garner <slowhike@y...>
      > wrote:> jd... i`m having a hard time picturing this quilt. only 36"
      > wide, but weighing almost 3lbs.
      > ....
      > draw me a picture my friend. ...slowhike

      Under Photos - J.D. - Zhammock you will find Top Blanket # 1 and # 2

      In #1. You can see the two light blue "panels" each about 18" wide.
      The darker silnyl "flaps" running down the sides are to tuck-under the
      edges of a T-Rest. You can almost see the darker Velcro patches on
      the bottom (right side) that form a foot-box.

      In #2. Less contrast - I have folded the flaps back under

      The zipper is full length. That idea was for easy night time

      Loft / Thickness is ~~2" - Qualofil insulation...?

      Now that Marta has given us the formula for width, I am about to give
      up on doing any kind of mod to this masterpiece. Even taking out the
      zipper and re-joining the two panels will only make it 36" wide.

      It was very difficult laying on my side on the floor just now trying
      to measure up over my shoulder and back down again! With SkyDog's
      help I came up with an 88" inch measurement for the width...<g>...
      WithOUT her help I got ~~44"...

      Happy Trails,

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