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11540Re: [Hammock Camping] Top Quilt Width....?

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  • tim garner
    Nov 30, 2005
      jd... i`m having a hard time picturing this quilt. only 36" wide, but weighing almost 3lbs. of course the zipper & velcro would help account for some of that. but i`ve never seen a quilt w/ a zipper. it sounds almost as if you`r describing something more like a big agness bag w/ no insulation on the bottom, just a nylon bottom into which you slide your pad. and mabey that`s where the velcro comes in... to keep the pad from sliding. also... i don`t understand the part about doing surgery & ending up w/ two 18" panels. draw me a picture my friend. ...slowhike PS... if all the insulation is on top of you, how thick is the loft on that baby?

      "J.D. Hoessle" <JD@...> wrote: Well, the home made top quilt "GIFT" that my buddy gave me is a bit
      heavy at 45.7 ounces...-<sigh>-... My 5F slpg. bag is only 5 ounces
      heavier at 50.8 ounces! I was hoping to save about 2 pounds - Rats!

      This quilt is 36" wide with a full length zipper and draft tube. I
      could do some surgery; but would then have two panels only 18" wide
      that would need to be re-joined.

      What width top quilts are you folks using?

      May I ask all of the DYI'ers...? Think it's worth the time and effort
      to cut this top quilt and re-join or just start from scratch and make
      a top quilt that is sized better?

      BTW and for what it's worth, I went to the Post Office for more
      accurate weights today:

      Exped Dam (Downmat 7 - Full Length) - 33.4 oz. = 2.09 lbs.
      Frogg Toggs - 16.4 oz. = 1.03 lbs. (Heavier than I thought!)
      5F Slpg. Bag - 50.8 oz. = 3.2 lbs.



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      tim garner

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