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11526Re: [Hammock Camping] Layering?

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  • tim garner
    Nov 30, 2005
      penny... i`ll go ahead & through in my thoughts. i realize your doing this test in the back yard & so the following is not that big a deal, but you`ll brobably want to test what you would actualy be using on the trail. fleece can`t match a quilt or clothing filled w/ a puffer insulation like down or synthtic fill (as in weight to warmth, also bulk). you may not have time to make a switch if your going to test tonight, but for testing sake, walmart has some extraloft poly batting that works great along w/ nylon from the $1.00 bin. OR if you have a puffy jacket & pants, that`s what i would likly be sleeping in in cold weather. and they would help fill the extra room inside your bag. ...slowhike

      PennyBright <GreenSoul@...> wrote: I'm gearing up for my first test of winter hammocking, and was planning
      on adding a fleece liner bag I have to my system.

      Any idea if it would be more efficient insulation wise to use the liner
      inside my bag , or around it on the outside? I'm thinking that inside it
      would reduce my dead air space (my bag is a little large for me), but
      outside it would protect the warmth in the loft from being stripped away as

      Also, if I used it outside the bag, I think I might be able to slide the
      blue pad into it..... I'm not sure, I'm going to test that later today. I'm
      not sure if there would be any value in that or not.



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      tim garner

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