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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 26, 2003
      Rick, my rig used pulleys and jumars so that I could lie in the hammock on the ground and raise myself by pulling on a rope. A jumar is a rope-gripping cam device used to climb large-diameter ropes. The set up required two long ropes for hanging straps--each was anchored around the bottom of a tree, then thrown over a high limb and back down to the hammock on the ground. This setup was time consuming and labor intensive--but it usually worked fine. Ocassionally, the hanning ropes were too low and I could only raise myself a few feet off the ground--great frustration since it generally took an hour or so to re rig.  Minumin height off the ground is 15' since adult Brown bears can reach that high on their hind legs--getting 15-20' off the ground takes the ideal set of trees, which were often hard to find. Once I was able to use this setup between rock walls across a narrow gorge.  Other times, if lucky, I was able to find suitable trees that I could climb and position the hammock between limbs--this only worked a few times since the anchor limbs have to be the right distance apart and a balance limb must go under the hammock to allow entry and exit--where it does work, it's sweet!
      The tree climbing crowd is still active, although maybe not as active as in the 70's.  The Tree Boat Hammock, reviewed in my book, comes from the tree climbers. It is rigged hige in the tree tops with typical rock climbing gear. It appears to be stable with four end ties and stays to hold the shape; it's probably too bulky and heavy for most backpackers, but might work great for car or canoe camping....Ed
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      I realize there may have been good reasons for you not to give much
      detail about your original high tree hammocking in the book... 
      (liability and such)  I believe you mentioned you did some of this as
      Grizzly protection on the upper left coast. 

      I would really be interested in ideas/stories about hammock camping
      significantly up in the air. 

      Do/did you use climbing gear to swing from tree to tree to set up the
      hammock?  Do/did you sleep tied off with a climbing harness on? 

      I know that some of your southern buds have been offering some
      training for those who would like to make a sport out of technical
      tree climbing.  Have you had any contact with them about your


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