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1123Extra uses of bug net velcro

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  • Rick
    Apr 24, 2003
      Just a little note to the group:

      If your hammock has a bug net held on by velcro, I found a couple new
      ways to use it.

      To start the story, I originally made my hammocks with a cord which
      stretches from one strap to the other, just like Ed mentions in his
      book. I then made a little triangular pouch like the Henessey
      hammock has to put my glasses into at night.

      But it seemed like I was always getting hung up in the ridge cord,
      and it was in the way more often than not. The bug net seemed to
      stay tight without needing to rest on the cord, so I took it out.

      Now where do I put my glasses, my head light, and my handkerchief (I
      had a cold)???

      Way up over my head at the end of the hammock, I opened the velcro
      between the bug net and the hammock for an inch or so. I slipped my
      folded glasses half way into that slit and then closed the velcro.
      The glasses are held in place by the nose piece and the lenses...
      They can not fall out. Same ended up being true of the strap from my
      head lamp and the hankerchief. No more searching for this stuff
      under my bottom in the hammock!

      If I were not using the bug net, a short piece of male velcro could
      be substituted for the bug net and lots of things could be stored...

      I also have been thinking of ways to attach a taco (garlington)
      insulator without drawstrings and without adding velcro to the
      insulator. Along comes the idea to use a poncho. Except the poncho
      has snaps and I don't want to put snaps in the hammock material. So
      instead I put snaps in a little piece of cloth, and attach that cloth
      to a small square of velcro, male on one side and female on the other
      to slip between the net and the hammock (or just attach to the
      hammock) [the complete solution also requires installing a drawcord
      in each end of the poncho]

      Of course, now that I have these little snap connectors, I can hang
      all sorts of wizardry from them, like a small bag, a bottle holder,
      or anything else my little heart desires...

      What else would you hang from the side of your hammock?? (inside or