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11154winter hammock

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  • tim garner
    Nov 13, 2005
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      i was pushing it to get the 1st prototype done by the weekend hike,
      but i did! talking about a frankin pod, rat, you should`ve seen this.
      any way, the long edges where very crudly sewn, but every thing was in
      place & it worked GREAT! the hammock body was a speer type
      (or similar to rick`s test hammock, but w/ hemed edges) from
      breathable, $1.00 bin material. the shell was also from walmarts $1.00
      bin but was lighter & with a DWR finish. the insulation (also from
      walmart) was fairfield brand poly-fil, extra-loft batting (two layers
      thick). it probably averaged at least 1 & 1/4" thick. weight- 24 ozs
      w/ straps. this was my 1st atempt & was rather labor intenseive to
      make, but i have plans to make another w/ a meathod that will be much
      easyer & probably lighter. if any one`s interrested, i`ll be glad to
      share more details tomorrow. i hope to have a digital camera soon
      also. thanks...slowhike
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