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  • Carl Iobst
    Nov 12, 2005
      No. The sign said "This way to the Egress." It was a
      device to get people to leave the museum and pay again
      to re-enter. Barnum was a showman and so is this guy
      Jordan. He's still an elitist though--especially when
      there are others who are willing to share their
      experiences and receive in kind.

      > jmgiv47 wrote:
      > >Are you talking about the sucker quote? That's
      > quite a change from
      > >cliquish elitists. Now we're simply talking worth.
      > Of course,that
      > >is determined by those who willingly supply a good
      > to those that
      > >willingly purchase it for a mutually agreed upon
      > price. P.T. may
      > >have never known he was undercharging his
      > customers...maybe that's
      > >why he found so many...er..uh...'customers.' :)
      > >
      > >My mistake...the membership is $25, not $29, and
      > discounts on
      > >clothing, gear, etc. can rapidly reduce that cost.
      > There's a good
      > >amount of solid info available making the
      > subscription at least as
      > >worthwhile as Backpacker, maybe more so. I think
      > it's a good price
      > >for the 'intellectual property.'
      > >
      > >It'd be interesting to sample the opinions of those
      > on this Group
      > >who have seen the content.
      > >
      > >john
      > >
      > >--- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Carl Iobst
      > <iobstce@y...>
      > >wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >>Don't forget what Phineas Thomas Barnum said.
      > >>(hint: it was a sign on the inside of the rear
      > door of
      > >>the American Museum in New York City)
      > >>CEHI
      > >>
      > >>

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