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11122Re: [Hammock Camping] Waterproof body

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  • tim garner
    Nov 7, 2005
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      david... the reason i mentioned a water proof hammock is because someone else brought it up. but i think yall are right...if i were to make the insulated winter hammock, it would seem best to have a very breathable hammock body to support me & a DWR finish on the thin outer shell to deal w/ wind & mabey on occasion blowing rain, mist, fog. ...slowhike

      "Chinell, David F (GE Infrastructure)" <david.chinell@...> wrote:No, I haven't got one. It's water-resistant to a certain degree, but wrinkles up pretty badly.

      But I'm asking about the body of a hammock. Aside from the rare situation of a rain so hammerous that it splashes up from the ground, is there any reason to use a waterproof material for the body of a hammock?

      I know Ed uses spray-on DWR, but I understand that's more to stop the breeze.

      Here in Florida, I'd really appreciate that breeze in the daytime. At night my pads block the breeze. So is there any advantage to a waterproof body?


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      tim garner

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