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111RE: Hammock Camping Speer straps

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 14, 2003
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      The Velcro is 1" wide; it does gather lint & debris, but this is not a serious problem.  I like the Velcro because it always works (unlike zippers) and I can grab the bug net edges anywhere and open it to get out, even in total darkness (handy when the call of nature calls in the middle of the night)....Ed
      How wide are the strips of Velcro on the sides.  I really like that idea.  Have you had any problems with leaves or dirt or any of natures other elements making the Velcro unable to stay shut?  No I haven't gotten the book I'm looking forward to reading it.  What is the farthest distance trees can be apart?  I hope I have been a bother.  I'll be ordering it on the 12th or 15th of Feb when I get back from the honeymoon. Get your thread ready. :)
      -Jason S
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