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    Nov 6, 2005
      This was the big weekend, The Annual Granger Ranger Hog Hunt in
      Granger, Texas. Not only does Granger have some of the best hog
      hunting and crappie fishing around, it is also my testing grounds
      for new gear and techniques.

      Weather was milder than I had anticipated (hoped for), But it was a
      georgeous weekend for camping.

      Temps, Fri, Low 45, High 74, Sat, Low 55, High 80, humidity was
      about 30% on both days and the winds were 10-15 with gusts to about

      First, The FrankenPod. It doens't really allow me to lie on the
      correct angle to get the nice flat lay of the hammock when used
      without it. This turned out not to be a problem. In my backyard
      testing I could really tell it wasn't as comfortable, but after a
      long day of bushwahacking, it didn't matter, sleep was fast and
      sound, and I was no worse for the wear in the morning. The first
      night I wore my mid weaight long-johns, and I got too hot, I just
      unzipped the pod to allow for more ventillation and was fine. The
      second night I didn't wear the long-johns and the temp was perfect.

      I have sewn in three web loops for the hood. Through these I ran 550
      cord, then through a loop at the head end and finally terminate it
      on the ridgeline with a taught-line hitch. This will hold the hood
      up against the hammock bottom (under my head and shoulders) but
      still allow my head to be uncovered on the top. If you look at the
      pictures in my folder you can see this, you can also see how it
      is "bunched up" because the 550 cord is ran through the three loops.
      Those "bunches" acted like wind funnels. The wind was swiriling
      pretty good on the river bottom and every now and then a good gust
      would run down the funnels and give me a chill on my back. Not
      enough to get cold, but aggrivating none the less. So I ran the 550
      cord through the middle loop only and, after I pulled the hood up,
      tied the other two together across the ridgeline. So now the hood is
      nice and flat along the bottom of the hammock and higher up the
      sides, it worked well for a midnight fix. I think I will add some
      velcro tho.

      Rope, I have been using single braid poly in the back yard, it's
      very light. I was worried about stretch tho. However, it seems to
      stretch and then not spring back as much as nylon. This may be a
      problem in the long term, but for now it is working well.

      Tree huggers, I have built extra long huggers for big trees and I
      use a timber hitch to attach them to the tree. However, I like the
      way Ray Garlington ties his and I tried it this weekend. It is
      faster, and tighter. I will use this from now on, or until something
      better comes along:).

      Freezer Bag Cooking, OMG this is the greatest! If you haven't tried
      this you MUST. You pre-mix everything at home and in the field you
      just boil some water, pour the right amount into a freezer bag with
      the ingredients, wait a few minutes and eat. Everyone was very
      impressed with this, even my brother, and he is hard-headed!

      The big hits were the Freezer Bag cooking and the Snake Skins. I am
      slowly converting these rednecks (and I say that with love:)) into
      low impact, comfortable campers.

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