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11094Re: [Hammock Camping] hennessy undercover/pad

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  • iobstce
    Nov 6, 2005
      Didn't think you were shilling for Jordan. It is interesting though.
      Jordan is employed by Montana State University. I'd be willing to bet
      he whines with the best of them when he doesn't get free access to the
      information he feels he is entitled to. Your idea of the lightly and
      more heavily insulated hammocks has possibilities. Have you thought
      about protecting the insulation (& yourself) from air currents? Not
      going to go back & check the last thousand or so posts so if you have
      disregard. Have kept up with the information/arguments over the
      thermal dynamics of staying warm in a hammock. Have the notion that
      efficient and effective hammock insulation would best mimic the
      insulative/reflective characteristics of a spacecraft. Makes sense
      because its the harshest environment we know of. Helping the
      insulation do its job most effectively here on Terra is probably best
      effected by a good tarp, a vapor barrier underliner, and perhaps an
      overliner. Am personally taking a close look at Hennessy's under &
      over liners for blocking the thermal shifts. Don't think his pads are
      worth a hoot though. Would use something else such as closed cell foam.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, tim garner <slowhike@y...> wrote:
      > carl... no i`m not trying to talk anyone into paying to get a
      subscription to backpackinglight.com. i have mixed feelings about
      it too. there`s a lot of great info there but i also feel i was dealt
      w/ rather impersonaly early on in my dealings w/ them. i aint in no
      rhyan jordan fan club. i just go & see what they have to offer. i hope
      my bad experiance was just due to more growth than they where ready to
      handle, because they have a lot to offer... just as long as they don`t
      get the big head. on the insulated hammock... my thinking is
      that a hammock w/ insulation permantly attached, you still have quite
      a bit of flexability. your only insulating from the bottom & sides.
      how you cover from the top w/ a quilt will mke a lot of differance. a
      lot like a bed you sleep on at home. for the same reason that the same
      sleeping bag or quilt will not be suitable for all seasons i plan to
      make at least two insulated hammocks; one lighly insulated & one more
      heavyly insulated. i belive
      > having the insulation attached directly to the bottom of the
      hammock will do a couple things. it will do away w/ one layer of
      fabric needed for an under quilt along w/ attachment straps/cords.
      also it does away w/ having to make adjustments to get the under quilt
      snug up aganst the bottom of the hammock so there are no air pockets &
      yet not getting it so tight that your not compressing the insulation.
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