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11092Re: Woohoo! Got my DAM!

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  • jwj32542
    Nov 6, 2005
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      Man, this thing is comfortable! I was warm to about 50 F - it didn't
      get any colder than that.

      I think it's actually more comfortable than the hammock body if I stay
      on my back. My foot barely hangs off the end, but the pad is thick
      enough that my foot doesn't even touch the hammock body and my leg is
      supported by the ankle. This relieves a lot of the knee strain a
      hammock can give, and is a lot more comfortable on my feet.

      It's not as comfortable when I lay on my side, though, and I have to
      mess with the pad to keep it in the right place when I roll over. I
      was using my homemade SPE, so I think a wider one would help a little.

      What's the coldest you guys have gotten with a DAM as the only under
      insulation? (SPE included, since it doesn't add insulation
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