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11061Woohoo! Got my DAM!

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  • jwj32542
    Nov 4, 2005
      It came yesterday - the Exped Downmat 7. I'm gonna sleep with it in
      the hammock for the first time tonight.

      The direction said "10-15" bags of air in one place and "5-10" in
      another place, but it took me 25 bags for the first time. It was
      pretty thin at that point, and when I laid in the hammock I think I
      only had .5" under my butt. I put 4 more bags in it today...it's much
      more firm so I'll see if that works better.

      If I lay still on my back, I could stay warm without the SPE because
      it holds me up so much higher than a CCF pad. (It's 2.8" thick.) I
      put it in my homemade SPE and it seems to work fine.

      I also got a cold spot under my leg at one point today - I guess the
      down shifts, so I shook it up to even out the down. Have you guys had
      this problem?
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