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  • Marta Clark
    Nov 3, 2005
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      I think one reason you may perceive a bias (which I
      would agree with other responders does not actually
      exist on this site) is that many of the most frequent
      posters are amateur hammock makers and experimenters.
      Speer-style hammocks are the usual basis for these
      experiments, though there have been long threads (!)
      about experiments with altering Hennessy and other
      hammocks. Ed is incredibly supportive of the
      experimenters posting detailed descriptions of their
      projects, with links to pictures, etc., though the
      projects don't benefit him financially at all. I
      think you are quite mistaken about the bias you think
      you have seen.


      >Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 20:04:55 -0000
      From: "jsmitty77" <jsmitty7@...>
      >Subject: bias

      >I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that the
      hammock camping
      newsletter is very biased. I know Ed Spear makes a
      living off of
      hammocks, but if someone were to publish a newsletter,
      every article in
      it should not promote 1 manufacturer. if it were the
      "Speer Hammock
      Camping newsletter" then I would have no problem with
      this. But for
      someone to have a newsletter that is supposed to
      encompass all of
      hammock camping, why are Hennesey and Clark not

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