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11042Re: support line strength

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  • Dave Womble
    Nov 3, 2005
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jwj32542" <jwj32542@y...> wrote:
      > So I looked up the Air Core on BPL and it looks like it'll work, but
      > I'm concerned that if I put that much force on it, I'll be too close
      > to its working load.
      > What do you think?


      I'm not sure how you are using it. 1100 lbs wouldn't worry me too much
      for your weight if you are using a hammock without a structural
      ridgeline and are setting the hammock sag around 30 degrees. In that
      case the static load on each suspension line is pretty close to your
      body weight. However, if you are using the 'initially pull everything
      taut' technique that some folks are using, particularly hammocks with a
      structural ridgeline like Hennessy uses, then I would be a little
      worried because you might be putting several times your body weight on
      each suspension line.

      Again, I'm not sure how you are using it but the bowline with a quick
      release is very easy to tie/untie and holds very well with slippery
      rope. With not so slippery rope, it is not that easy to pull the quick
      release free-- I had trouble getting my Hennessy to slip from the quick
      release a time or two. I had the nylon webbing on a twin-layer hammock
      actually melt from the tension/stretching at the knot and had to
      literally cut it off of the tree. It is important to not use the wrong
      knot for the type hammock suspension line you use... not only does it
      have to hold under pretty high loading, you also want it to
      untie/release in the morning! That bowline with a quick release is
      what I have been using for my rather slippery poly rope and it is what
      the Clark Hammocks use for there poly rope. I suspect that it is
      easier to use than many of the 'easy' attachment schemes that I have
      seen for hammock suspension lines. If you are not familar with bowline
      with a quick release, there is an excellent illustration on Clark's web
      site in his online manual.

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