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11034Re: [Hammock Camping] digital camera

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  • navjohn@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2005
      In a message dated 10/31/05 6:46:56 AM, slowhike@... writes:

      > some discusion of lightweight digitals for the trail, but if any
      > one has sugestions, i`m all ears.

      Our "hiking" digital is an Olympus Stylus 300 -- It's big advantage is that
      it's splash proof (can use it in the rain, but don't drop it in the creek).
      It's 3 megapixel (the 400 Stylus is 4 megapixel) and takes adequate photos -- I
      thought they were good until I got the Nikon D50). Costs about $300, very
      small and compact. When we go hiking, that's the camera we take, and leave
      the Nikon with its three lenses at home. Zoom range is comparable to about
      35-80mm on an SLR. Give it serious consideration.
      BTW, we've taken close to 5,000 digital pictures so far this year -- figure
      out what that would cost if we were using film cameras!


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