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11032hammock adjustment

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  • tim garner
    Oct 31, 2005
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      i wish i had that camera... a photo or 2 would be so much better
      than my hunt-n-pecking & trying to explan my experiments:~} we
      have talked about a way to make quick adjustments to the hammock
      (like to adjust the distance of hammock between two trees, or adjust
      sag after streching)w/o having to take the webbing loose from the
      tree. i belive bear (david c) had showed how he used 2 rings &
      webbing, but i didn`t get that to work so well for me. so i`ve
      continued to think about buckles, etc. first i came up w/ a 5/16
      steel rod (mabey 4" long)w/ a U in the middle. the bottom of the U is
      where the hammock loop rested. the webbing (comming from the tree)
      went around the two bars going of to the left & right of the top of
      the U, back & forth, figure 8 style. it worked just fine (just over 2
      ozs) but the webbing bunched up tightly as the figure 8 formed,
      causing me to wonder if this would cause a weakness. i played around
      w/ a variation that somewhat improved the bunching, but then came up
      w/ a simpler verson. it`s just a strait length of 5/16 steel rod, 2"
      long (less than 1 oz). the webbing comes off the tree & through the
      hammock loop. the short bar is layed across the loop & webbing. then
      the webbing goes around it`s self once then begins to form a figure
      8. it aint going nowhere & it`s easy to unwrap to
      readjust. ...slowhike
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