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11029Re: Two Bags in One

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  • Rat
    Oct 31, 2005
      I tried two bags when I was considering making my pod style
      insulator. The main problem for me is not enough room. The pod
      already doesn't let me lie at as much of an angle as I like to.
      Which is fine, I sacrifice a little comfort for warmth, but two bags
      was just too much. Too restrictive, I guess.

      I did have better success using a light weight (thin) summer bag
      (synthetic) only on the bottom. I used the FrankenPod kinda like the
      Garlinton Taco, I just shoved the summer bad into the bootm of it
      and crinkled the extra up around the top of the hammock to give
      better insulation to my upper body. By morning it had all slid down
      to the bottom so you would ned to clip it to the hammock or pod to
      get it to stay. It only got down to 40 degrees that night, and I was
      wearing only cotton gym shorts, and it was still a little warm, I
      actually had to vent the whole set up quite a bit.

      So now, I am going to carry a CC pad along with the pod, and, when
      needed, slide it inside the pod under the hammock. Lighter, less
      bulk and multiple use.


      BTW, I am going to change the name of my photo folder to Rat's.
      Should have done it sooner.

      <REH1966_04@h...> wrote:
      > I have been reading a lot about cold weather hammocking. I have
      > some cold weather camping (approx. 5 degress F) but I understand
      > challenges of the hammock and being surrounded by cold air. Here
      is a
      > thought and I was wondering if it had been tried before and if so
      > it worked. I have a cheap version rectangular bag. I also have a
      > degree North Face Cats Meow. If I used the foam pad, then put the
      > North Face bag inside of the cheap bag I might have a relatively
      > set up.
      > So what do you think?
      > I may try it out next weekend for the heck of it. I don't know how
      > cold it will be next weekend but if it doesn't work I only a few
      > from the house.
      > Rex
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