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11014webbing strength

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  • tim garner
    Oct 30 4:00 PM
      some of you have talked about the strength of webbing (& rope too i
      belive) being compromised w/ knots. so i`m wondering if webbing being
      forced to bunch up tightly together will cause a weak place too? the
      reason i ask is that i came up w/ a strong, simple, light, extreamly
      easy to use adjuster for the hammock. it`s going to be hard to
      describe but i`m working on getting a digital camera so i can post
      photos. by the way... i have a nice nikon N90, w/ nikon zoom &
      dedecated flash that i can`t aford to buy & develop film for. so i`m
      going to take it to a friend who owns a local camera shop & let him
      sell it, then get a nice digital. any one here interrested in a good
      SLR? thanks...slowhike
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